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beach houseWhen buying a home you can consider to hire a real estate expert. We buy weekly houses and apartments for our clients. Also we work with fixed affordable rates and we will work with you to your dream house purchase! Buying a home or apartment is not for everyone a daily activity. Someone moves on average once every seven years. Even stronger, move ends invariably in the top 3 of most stressful moments in a lifetime. It can, for example, uncertainty about the structural condition or a good negotiating strategy. Typically a moment where emotion can get the upper hand above the ratio.

It is a given that there will be not the best result in a stressful emotional situation. Then it is wiser to hire a professional. If you have nerves of steel and knowledge of the Dutch housing market than it is of course possible to itself the purchase to take care of your property. You can then just like us an enthusiastic feel at the time that a purchase continues! The purpose of the (houses-) buyer is, of course, a pleasant home for the lowest possible purchase price with as much as possible certainty. For example, clearance about “hidden defects”, the right value and legal consequences of the purchase. Many people choose therefore for guidance of a real estate agent of our office. This represents the importance of the buyer; say but a lot extra safety!

Save money on your purchase

Why would you hire us to buy your house or apartment in the Netherlands? We work on the basis of no cure no pay. This is as simple as it is effective, after all, you only pay for this service if there is a positive performance. No home purchased for any reason then you don’t own us no cost. At a fixed fee from € 1,150 euros including VAT, you can count on the following advantages of our purchase guidance:

  • We work independently of the seller
  • No emotional attachment with the House
  • Possibility to building inspection
  • Guidance from A to Z pay
  • No cure no pay, no purchase no cost of our real estate service
  • Expert and experienced
  • Ability to mortgage advice through 1 point
  • Legal check of the property purchase agreement is prepared by us or
  • We make objection to the WOZ value
  • We strive for the best outcome of making the best purchase price is made
  • We work nationwide in the Netherlands. Offices in Amsterdam, The Hague, Hilversum and Breda (Zevenbergen).

Basic package

Enhanced package

Top package

⍟ Quickscan valuation property ⍟ Quickscan valuation property  ⍟ Quickscan valuation property
⍟ Second viewing ⍟ Second viewing ⍟ Second viewing
⍟ Discuss purchase strategy ⍟ Discuss purchase strategy ⍟ Discuss purchase strategy
⍟ Research position seller ⍟ Research position seller ⍟ Research position seller
⍟ Legal check property ⍟ Legal check property ⍟ Legal check property
⍟ Conduct negotiation ⍟ Conduct negotiation ⍟ Conduct negotiation
⍟ Edit contract of sale ⍟ Accompany and arranging building inspection ⍟ Accompany and arranging building inspection
⍟ Final check notary documents ⍟ Edit contract of sale ⍟ Edit contract of sale
⍟ No cure no pay ⍟ Final check notary documents ⍟ Accompany during signing contract of sale
⍟ Accompany during the final inspection ⍟ Final check notary documents
⍟ Accompany at the notary at transfer date ⍟ Accompany during the final inspection
⍟ No cure no pay ⍟ Accompany at the notary at transfer date
⍟ Valuation with NWW validation
⍟ No cure no pay
EUR 1.150 VAT included EUR 2.175 VAT included EUR 2.775 VAT included
payable at transfer date at the notary


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BTW-plichtige ondernemers herinneren wij er nog graag aan dat de btw op reis-en verblijfkosten en representatiekosten niet teruggevorderd kunnen worden, het gaat dan bijvoorbeeld om zakenlunches. De btw vormt in dat geval mede een kostenpost.

Vanaf 2017 wordt de teruggaafregeling btw over oninbare debiteuren vereenvoudigd. Er hoeft niet meer apart om deze btw teruggaaf worden verzocht. Er wordt een “oninbaarheids  vermoeden” ingesteld indien er gedurende tenminste één  jaar niet wordt betaald door de debiteur. De btw mag dan onder het onderdeel vooraftrek in mindering worden gebracht.

Voor investeringen boven de € 2200,- per jaar kunt u gebruik maken van een investeringsaftrek tot maximaal 28%. Het kan hiervoor handig zijn bepaalde investeringen te bundelen.

In verband met heffingskortingen en belastingtarief kan het voordelig zijn uw partner een meewerkbeloning te verschaffen. Wij rekenen het eventueel te behalen voordeel graag voor u uit.

Uw relatiemanagers zijn u graag van dienst bij deze en andere adviesvragen.

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