Closing costs buying a house in the Netherlands

closing costs buying houseThe following taxes and closings cost buying a house you will experience by buying a house in the Netherlands.

Transfer tax (Overdrachtsbelasting)

– 2% of the purchase price for a house

Pre-sale agreement (Koopovereenkomst)

– The real estate broker of the seller will create this pre-sale agreement without any charge for the buyer.
– In the Amsterdam market, the notary will make this agreement and will charge the buyer. This is negotiable.

Transfer contract (Akte van levering)

– This is the formal contract which the notary will make. The average rate is about € 600 including VAT.
– Negotiable, you can compare these rates.

Mortgage arranging cost (advieskosten)

– Rates start at € 1.500 till € 4.000.
– In most cases, there is no VAT to pay.

Mortgage contract (Hypotheekakte)

– The notary is obliged to handle this contract. The average rate is also € 600 including VAT.
– Tax deductible.


– The costs of an interpreter start at € 200 including VAT.

Estate agent fee (Makelaarscourtage)

– 1,75% (plus BTW) of the purchase price.
– The seller pays the estate agent. If you use an estate agent/realtor to help you buy a house (aankoopmakelaar) rates start at € 1.750.

Appraisal (Taxatierapport)

– Prices start at € 300 including VAT.

– In case you have a mortgage with NHG you need a so-called NWWI validation it will cost additional €75.

– Tax-deductible and negotiable.

Architectural examination / home inspection (bouwkundig keuringsrapport)

– Prices start at € 420 including VAT.

– This document is not obliged but gives you information about the technical state of the house you want to buy.

Deemed rental value (Eigenwoningforfait)

– 0,7% of the WOZ value (determined by the government)

Tax implications

– Mortgage interest payments are tax deductible as long as the property/house is to be used as the main residence for a maximum of 30 years.

– Tax deductions automatically disappear if you decide to leave the country but continue to own the property. As a non-resident taxpayer, you will not enjoy tax-deductible mortgage interest payments so make sure the rent you receive covers both costs and interest.

– Increases in the value of the house are tax-free as long as it is used as the main residence (no capital gains tax).

– The 30% ruling may raise your chances of getting an appealing mortgage deal.

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